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Wish list
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 18, 2009 9:39 am    Post subject: Wish list Reply with quote

Just generally interested in things people would like to see in an update. Note - I am not promising anything, just interested to know Wink

Achievements - a "captains cabin" type screen that fills up with trophies from Lucy's adventures.

User modifiable pirate dictionary - ability to submit words as "pirate words" or not and other players cast their vote. Everyone has their own ideas of what is and isn't worthy of a pirate word. Some kind of built in online voting might be cool.

Treasure hunt - an alternate word game that leads you off around the map in search of treasure. Maybe a series of word searches i.e. you talk to someone and he gives you the first word search which contains some code words and a location. You go to the location and talk to someone else, the system repeats 3 or 4 times. At the last location you pick up your reward. It would have to be something good, but not so good it ruins the game difficulty (if this whole thing is optional). Or would it work better with a crossword, so there is one crossword puzzle screen, but you have to visit multiple locations to get clues for each line. Although, that would be unpredictable as some people are really good at crosswords and might only need a couple of clues.

gambling - either when in port or just before combat starts you could both agree to gamble instead. Could take the form of a game of hangman, that could be quite fun.

port map - instead of a simple menu giving the locations available in port (shipyard, market, mission) we have a picture of the port and when you click on a location you see the captain walk there.

port information - get a small picture and fun fact about every location in the game! For some reason that appeals to me Smile WOuld be a lot of work gathering that info and making sure the pictures are legal to use though.

optional quests - more mini adventures for Lucy to take on, obviously much smaller than the main one, but showing up on the main map.

there be dragons! - a rare appearance by a giant squid or a whale to fight.

customization - bits and pieces for your ship to collect. Might be tricky to link that in to the animations though - if they are visible modifications rather than just stats. Similarly, you could modify the captain with clothes, jewellery, weapons, etc.

online pirate challenge - if there are enough customizations then players could upload their ships+captains and they might appear in your game with the players name and a one-line statement. That would link to an in game "best pirate" table. When you face another player's avatar it could have access to words the owning player used in game. So it's ability to win would be part stats/items and partly the size of its dictionary.

online pirate world - the Caribbean map duplicated and filled with other player's avatars. If you fight well enough in a particular area you gain temporary control of it. So if you let the game update every day with avatars around Tortuga and then you fought them all and won every day then after a while you would be classed as "pirate lord of Tortuga".

online pirate world pt2 - pirates could band together and have an overall leader and carve up the Caribbean between them and wage war on each other. Some people could side with the EITC to play the good/bad guys (depends on your point of view).

online pirate world pt3 - some items might be online only and very expensive. Produced only at certain locations. The pirate in charge of that location gets to set the price and take a percentage in tax.
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