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  Download the Starscape Demo

Windows Version (13.6 Meg)

Please Select any of the links below to download Starscape:

Starcape Game Box


Direct From Our Main Server:
 Free Game Download

Direct From Our Backup Server:
 Free Game Download

Fast Download on
 Free Game Download

*NOTE: Check here for updates if you have an older version of the game.

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  Starscape Links
About Starscape
Online Manual
High Score Table
Latest Patch
Demo Download
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 Minimum Spec

Windows 95/98/2000/XP
DirectX 5 or later
110Mb disk space

Intel Pentium II-300 or equivalent

3D Hardware accelerator, game tested with:
Sis305 or better
nVidia TNT2/GeForce 3DFX voodoo3 or better
Kyro series
ATI Radeon series
Matrox G200 or better
Trident Blade XP or better
Intel Extreme Graphics

Latest OpenGL or DirectX8 drivers

64Mb system memory

If you are unsure whether your hardware will run the game. please try the
demo version
of the game first