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  My Profile and Games

Your Profile and Game Control Panel at Moonpod.

My Profile and Games, is your personal control center at You can use it to manually unlock any games you own or to unlock your games on different machines. You can update your name and contact details, download game updates, upload highscores and purchase CD-ROM upgrades.
You will also gain access to the 'Secret Gallery' where you can download exclusive wallpapers and additional content.

How do I gain access to the 'My Profile and Games Section?
If you are already a Moonpod customer, you can log on here. Access to 'My Profile and Games' is only available to people who have purchased Moonpod Products.
Login details are automatically sent with any purchase.

Some of the wallpapers in the secret gallery
[Available in resolutions up to 1600X1200]
JJ Wallpaper Rin Wallpaper
Battlebridge Wallpaper Max Wallpaper

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