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General Enquiries info
Support Issues support
By Post: Moonpod Ltd.
43 Richmond Road
South Yorkshire
S13 8TB
United Kingdom
Please note: Under no circumstances should money/cheques or money orders be sent to this address. Orders are handled by our payment partner SWREG. Address details for orders by post will be given to you on order completion.

  Useful Information

Hotmail, Yahoo, and webmail accounts
 If you use a webmail (hotmail or yahoo for instance) email address, please ensure there is space in its inbox, and that any correspondence we send you will not be removed by spam filters. Our most common support problem is email being rejected by spam filters or full inboxes.

Our Support Guarantee
 During work time (note that our working times are generally 9.00 AM - 5.30 PM GMT, UK time) we guarantee a same day reply to your email enquiry. We also strive to periodically check the email accounts in the evenings and at weekends, however we cannot guarantee an immediate response outside normal working hours.
 Currently our average turnaround times for support emails are under two hours during work time, and under 12 hours at the weekend.

Account / Payment / Registration Issues
 If for any reason you have a problem with your account or with registering the game, logging on to the customer panel, or a payment problem, please try to include as much of the following information as possible in your email in order to ensure a swift response:

  • The name and email you used to buy the game
  • Any transaction id for your payment, and the method you used (credit card, echeck etc)

Submitting Bug Reports
 If you come across any bug or problem with the game and wish to notify us, please email the support address with as much of the following information as possible. We appreciate as much detail as you have time to give, as it will drastically increase our likelihood of fixing any problem.

Useful information to include in a bug report:

  • Version of the game you're running Popup Help for Password
  • Operating system
  • CPU type & speed
  • Amount of physical memory
  • Type of graphics card & driver version
  • If possible a detailed description of what you were doing when the problem happened.
  • Any screenshots of the problem (F11 in game dumps the screen to a 'screengrabs' folder)

A Note About Email Attachments
 Due to the large amount of unsolicited email with attached viruses that we receive, emails containing most common executable attachments are discarded by our mail server. Please do not attach files in your emails unless we request you to do so, as we will never receive the email. We have implemented this policy in order to improve response times to legitimate customers.

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