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 Starscape Reviews

"Starscape is a very interesting game from an interesting developer. Frankly, I love Moonpod games."
"you will not stop playing"
"an epic, space shooter adventure RPG hybrid"


"I only had enough speech capacity to say, 'Wow.' "
"you can also play the game again... and again"
"..soundtrack is first-class."
" for each sprite is fantastic"
Winner of 2 Game Tunnel Awards:

*Adventure Game of the Year* *Independent Game of the Year*

Game Tunnel Ten out of Ten
voted best game so far 2003 and Game Of The Year 2003 in Game Tunnel visitor's polls.

"an absolute beauty that gets its claws into you, and utterly refuses to let go"
"A game so addictive it’ll have you resenting yourself for having to do things like ‘eat’ and ‘go for a wee,’ occasionally."


"Great graphics, amazing music, gameplay, storyline and tons of fun!"
"Remember the days when games were fun? Prepare for a return!"
"Graphics and environments. Excellent. I'm a big one for the eye candy"

5 Frags Out Of 55 Frags Out Of 55 Frags Out Of 55 Frags Out Of 55 Frags Out Of 5

"3D effects you would expect from a top of the line space sim"
"This is old school goodness through and through. I suggest anyone who likes shooters or anything to do with space give this game a shot. You shall be impressed. "

Netjak Editor Choice

"Starscape is a title that shows great games can still be 2D"
"deeper than your run-of-the-mill space shooter"
" Where Starscape really starts to take off is in the game play"

Static Gamer A Class

"This brings me to the gameplay, one word: Fantastic!"
" immensely enjoyable"
"stuffed to the gills with playability"


"The graphics and presentation could not be better"
" Watching your fully operational battle station take on the alien hoardes automatically is a wonderful sight to behold"

Bytten Gold Star

"one of the best little known titles I’ve run across"
"backgrounds of all the 'zones' you explore are awesome"
"one of the best game soundtracks I’ve heard in a long time"

GCM Editor Choice

"The light that burns bright may burn half as long, but you, my little beauty, have burned so very, very bright."
"The graphics are stylish, attractive, and perfect for the job."
"It's worth buying because it's a cracking little tactical shoot-'em-up;it's jolly good fun;"


"...innovative yet sticking to tradition"
"Starscape is simply stunning and excelling'
'it looks good, real good"


"Fans of arcade-style games should seriously consider this game"
"It actually surprised me how much action there could be on the screen"


"The developers knew exactly what they were doing in designing some of the most epic space battle sequences I have ever played."

Avault Stars

"Sometimes a gem emerges ..."
'the best looking 2D shoot-em-up that I have seen'
" Starscape is a great game"

GameNews.Ro Pick

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