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Starscape Characters

  Starscape - The Characters.

Rin Fubuki - Captain Of The Aegis

 Graduated top of her class in training, Rin was the only academy trainee ever to beat the infamous Feathersone-Griffiths, impossible battle simulation.
 A gifted navigator and pilot, her leadership abilities were only realised during conflict, when after the entire command crew of her ship were killed in a trap, the captain's seat fell to her. Leading a reduced crew, she managed to hold off an attack force of five destroyer ships until help arrived.
 Not one to make snap judgments, Rin often errs on the side of caution, and tries to avoid sending her ship and crew into battle by all means necessary. Once she does make the decision however, she is a force to be reckoned with, and will use any means available to secure victory.

Rin Fubuki

Maya Rendon - Head Of Engineering

Maya Rendon

 As daughter of two of the most influential starcraft designers, Maya Rendon was always destined to follow in her parents footsteps and become a great engineer. Rather than joining one of the big industry giants, Maya started her own small starship building company. No one believed it could be able to compete, but they were quickly proved wrong. The company brought a string of innovations to the industry and quickly took the biggest share of the market.
 Maya used her success, and her own money to build the Stardrive Research Institute, pushing forward the limits of science.

Jenna Johnson (JJ)- Deputy Engineer

 Orphaned at an early age, JJ grew up on a poverty stricken backwater colony planet. Still very young, she managed to find work at the planet's Stardock, and quickly learned everything there was to know about repairing starship engines. Her abnormally high IQ and burgeoning mechanical prowess would have gone unnoticed if a ship carrying Maya Rendon hadn't stopped at the planet for refueling.
 Immediately recognising JJ's potential, she offered her training at the Stardrive Research Institute. On the long journey to Earth, the two fast became great friends, and Maya decided JJ should not train at the Institute, and instead should become her apprentice.


Max Von Braun - Head Of Research / Dimension Drive Inventor

Max Von Braun

 Max has led a life secluded from human contact. After winning a Nobel prize for his inter-dimensional space travel theories, he disappeared for more than ten years. During this time he became obsessed with proving his theories worked (many in the scientific community doubted there were any practical uses). There were many problems for him to overcome, but he eventually unveiled his designs for the Dimension Drive to the world.
 Often finding it difficult to relate to people, Max is only ever at home in his own world of multidimensional physics. Nevertheless he is without peer, possessing an intellect that cannot be measured on any existing scale.

Bud Weisman - Head Of Security

 A veteran officer of many campaigns, Bud's courage and tactical genius quickly earned him great respect amongst his men and fellow officers. Unfortunately his disrespect for the antiquated military protocols employed by the Earth Security Force high command, caused his career to be sidelined.
 For this reason he was assigned as sole security officer on the Aegis research mission, a token post he considers to be a caretaker role. Whilst bitter about his position, Bud still applies the same strict ideals to his work, he is proud of what he does, and always tries to give his best.

Bud Weisman

The Xenarch


 Ancient machine servants of a long dead ship trapped in the grid, they are true machines, but sentient and strangely sad, tired and defeated. For some reason, the Archnid appear to ignore them and they are very secretive about their true motives. Their numbers are unknown, but it seems they are dwindling. However, technologically they appear to be quite advanced, and gaining their secrets may prove advantageous in the battle against the Archnid.

The Archnid

 After absorbing so many other life forms and changing themselves so drastically the Archnid have lost their identity and embraced madness. Totally isolated they even fear their own kind and surround themselves with mindless drones. Taking pleasure in cruelty and driven by the need for power they are quite mad.


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