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PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 8:15 am    Post subject: Monsters Reply with quote

Monsters is a great idea, an exploratory probe crashes back on Earth just between Mexico and USA, it releases spores that infest the area and create giant Cthulhu-esque octopodian nightmares. The US builds massive electric fences coast to coast, evacuates everyone and then starts saturation bombing the whole area. This stops the creatures spreading, but drives them crazy so the whole 'infected zone' is decimated. A photographer south of Mexico ends up having to escort a pretty rich girl back to the US, things go wrong and they have to hike across the infected zone.

Supposedly the film was shot by Gareth Edwards for just $15,000, and that really is amazing. The special effects were done by just two people using their own PCs and off the shelf software. So, from that point of view it's an incredible result technically, it's a great looking movie shot in very nice locations and the monsters look really good. I was hoping for something of a cult classic (like Stalker).

I heard comments like 'similar to District9', 'a bit like Stalker', 'reminds me of Cloverfield' - stop saying that, those films are fantastic and the comparison sullies their good names!

The girl character doesn't really have a character, the photographer just comes across as an unlike-able nasty idiot. The whole film is a really heavy handed protest about the wall separating Mexico and the USA's general xenophobic attitude to the rest of the world. That could have worked fine, but they really stick it into your face. It's watchable, but the incredible achievement of such a low budget film (special effects, cinematography, cool idea) is all wasted on such a bad script. Sad

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