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Suggestion regarding minor mothership
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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 10:54 pm    Post subject: Suggestion regarding minor mothership Reply with quote

I really admire moonpod for independently putting out a game with such a great feel to it. StarScape is a wonderful game.

That said, this has happened to me three times-- the Aegeis warps into a sector RIGHT NEXT TO the "gravity turtle" mothership (from Zone 2), and then is almost instantaneously destroyed when it is drawn in to the gravity field and ground against the armored plating. This has the effect of completely obliterating the progress of your game. Is this intentional, or merely acceptable, or are you considering a way to avoid this, like making the Aegeis immune to the gravity weapon?

In terms of gameplay, it's as bad as a crash, since there is no way to recover once you have warped in. It's not a fair challenge to the player, IMO.
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Pod Team

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 06, 2003 11:58 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hmmm, tricky one, the gravity turtles (cool name btw) are THE hard ship of that zone. You want it challenging but try and minimise the possibility of the enemy cornering you and just battering you. It is always possible to warp in near a major enemy, I can see how it could be irritating, but thats the danger and the tension. If you jump into an enemy node (or are forced in) you know your in for trouble. Jumping in right next to a major enemy is always a possibility, sometimes when you are unprepared this is going to result in death (although 3 times seems bad-ouch).

Keep the Aegis well stocked with resources, when very damaged the Aegis can reinforce its hull by directly converting onboard recources. Running on empty is very dangerous, thats why its not always a good idea to assign everyone to build/research - i.e. you might run out too soon. Try and keep a ballance.

Keep the Aegis near 100% health so she can survive longer when things go bad, always mark the location of the friendly Xenarch as you can go there for a free heal. Don't plow into the enemy, move out and then come back to the Xenarch before being too badly damaged. Consider it probing the enemy defences, if you aren't strong enough then go back and mine until you can afford better equipment.

If you are in trouble and can jump out of a node then do so obviously, but you can also pull the Aegis out of trouble by double tapping the call button. You can effectively lead the station about the node this way and keep it out of too much danger (or summon it close if you need help).

Things can go bad if the Aegis gets surrounded, always come to its defence early and if possible keep it with you. Make sure you upgrade its defences early and often. Keep your own ships well armed so you can quickly thin out attackers if they try and swarm the Aegis.

Hope those suggestions help...
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