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Please no
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 25, 2004 3:08 pm    Post subject: Please no Reply with quote

I just read in the dev diary the following line:

The more experienced the squad the more effective their weapons and armour.

I think this is just not right.
Its an easy way to balance things out.
Simple RTS Gmaes like C&C or starcraft use a surefire system (every shoot hits) and a upgrade system like this to promote units, but its not what its like in reality.

The damage of the weapon doest magically increases when teh user gains expierience with it.
(only exeption, snipers and optical guided missiles)
The only method to archieve "higher" damage on ts target is to focus fire on its weakpoints ( head or lower body by men). This is not practical in normal ranged combat.
unlike in cs you simple dont aim for the head to kill, you aim for the body, so that you hit the enemy.
You gain higher accuracy when training with a waepon but even when you are an expert you wont aim for weakpoints at normal combat range, it only helps you to stay focused on the target while firing, so you get more hits done.
Same for armor, you dont get an extra layer of plate when you are promoted ^^
i wish it were like this ;P
So id like to give you an realistic standpoint of "upgrades" for experienced units:

Damage: Not good, only for snipers realistic
Accuracy: Very realistic, and doable. greens aim like hell, but after some training, they get better.
Armor: no realistic, only realistc thitng would be more cover through world objects, like woods, ect
HP: only realistic to an extend, a trained body may sustain more damge. but its not that much
Speed: realistic, can be increased significantly by training
Morale: realistic, vets arent pussys anymore

Upgrades for units on the more fancier side:

-More weapon slots -> leads to multi purpose infantry, in the beginning they only have one weapon availiable (rifle, rockets, grenades, whatever) when they get experience they get a second slot to equip, so they get multi role soldiers, this would promote soldier usage

-unit transformation -> units of a special rank can be transformed to another team for example, greens start out as riflemen, after some fights, they can be "transformed" into snipers, they get new weapons and stats, such higher classes are only availiable for infantry
this is done in some RPGs and its great funa nd leads to more customized teams, more immersion and care for your units.
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