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Poo Bear
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PostPosted: Fri Dec 23, 2011 9:16 am    Post subject: Skyrim Reply with quote

Wow, I had high hopes for this one and they weren't miss placed, the amount of work that's gone into this game is astounding. I got it on the X360 so I could have an excuse to play it all over the holidays i.e. if I'm playing it in the living room on the telly then I can't be accused of hiding in the office and being unsociable Wink Top tip there Smile

If you like wandering around in the wilderness chasing wolves and marvelling at the scenery then this is the one for you! I joked with Holly when the game started, 'can't wait for the kill 10 rats quest', but they've managed to avoid that. You get decent fire magic almost straight away and you're off killing skeletons and bandits. Within an hour or so I'd helped kill a dragon! I've never seen an old-school rpg accelerate you into feeling powerful so fast.

There's a ton of content too. It's easy to miss it and just follow the main quest, but then again, it's easy to just wander about town doing little side quests and forget why you're really there. I spent ages saving up for a horse then accidentally road it off a cliff and killed it in the first 5minutes of having it!! Smile

Slight annoyances. You cannot teleport out of a dungeon you've cleared, you have to walk out. One had a fairly quick short cut back out, which is great, but another didn't (or I missed it). Seems an odd decision as you can teleport around the world map, which I try to avoid doing, but if the dungeon is empty but will take 5mins to exit, a teleport would be handy. Maybe there is a spell to do it?

Also, as with many rpgs, I get a couple of spells and then don't really seem to need anything else. In this case duel wielding fire has dealt with everything so far, then a quick healing spell and I'm done. Yet there appear to be lots of other spells, but will I actually ever need to use them?

Switching between bow->spells->sword is too awkward, you should be able to assign it to the D-Pad for instant switching. I don't mind if it takes in-game to do it, thus making you temporarily vulnerable, that would be fine, but fiddling with a menu constantly is wrong.

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