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It��s raining again
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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 3:45 am    Post subject: It��s raining again Reply with quote

It��s raining again today! The pendulum of time has been put into the summer, but there is no bright sun at the beginning of this summer, and there is no forecast of rising temperatures. Some are only visited by rain and dew on both days, under the continuous rain, northwest inland The day has become Jiangnan. This season is very different from the summer. It seems that it is never a symbol of the northwestern part of the early summer. Now it is always wrapped in the feeling of the tide. Is it directly from the spring to the rainy autumn, no hot Summer? This will not be the case Marlboro Gold. Summer is summer. Except for the summer rain, there is less lingering spring rain and more passion. There is no summer noisy, no autumn decay, just inadvertently washing the dusty buds, nurtured Jointed heading wheat. The rain in the early summer, the infiltration of the earth and the earth between the heavens and the earth, the rain and the thunder of the wind, can not hear the thunder and thunder, only heard the sound of the sound of the rain and the rubber tires Parliament Cigarettes. Looking up, the trees that have just been replaced with green clothes are full of enthusiasm in the rain. It is foreseeable that the gap between their annual rings will be much larger than in previous years. The trees swaying with the wind and rain seem to grow up a lot overnight. . The rain in early summer falls on the ground Cigarettes For Sale, falls on the lake, falls on the thirsty tiles, falls on your umbrella, and falls into every space that needs moisture. Although the wind and rain are still a bit cold, but the wind with this coolness is sucked into the stomach, no one is not clear and clear, the wind is mixed with the cool rain, you make this season different. Thank you for your visit. This summer is very exciting from the beginning. I walked thousands of miles and looked around for an ideal place to live. In my memory, my childhood hometown was a mountain forest Carton Of Cigarettes, sunrise east, just on the left side of the door. There is a bamboo forest in front of the house and a small stream next to the house. But after moving, the hometown in that memory really became a memory forever, so I looked around for a similar place to replace it, constantly looking for it, and kept on the road. Someone said: Why don't you go back there? In fact, I have not thought about going back to my hometown, but I have forgotten to go back to such a place to find memories of childhood. I am not a loved one. I always want to add something new to my life. It may be similar to the original, but it must not be the original. I lived very tired, day after day, like I have been to Beijing for a year and a year, I was enchanted by the bustling there, but when I saw the gloom of the day, I knew that there must be no My ideal home, I have a deep attachment to the blue sky Wholesale Cigarettes. Just like a newborn baby knows nothing, but instinctively attached to a mother, I have also been to Hangzhou. I have heard that there is a beautiful scenery there. In ancient times, there was a paradise, and there was a saying of Suzhou and Hangzhou. However, when I got there, I found that the mountains and rivers there were full of sorrows. During the rainy season, the rain was continuous, and the sorrow became deeper and deeper. I know that there must have been no homes in Xinjiang. Many times I saw long sands. I don��t see the scene of "the desert is solitary, the river is long," and only a gust of wind blows up. Tell yourself that this is not the place where you should stay, whether it is the Guilin landscape in the world, the Zhangjiajie, which is famous for its mountains, or the Jiuzhaigou, or the Great Wall in the Wanli, China��s large and small places, have visited a lot. But there is no place for me to reluctantly. So, tell yourself, look for it, find it again, find hundreds of cities, and finally choose to wander, the home should be in a certain city, but I don't know where to build it, think of it, decide Going to wander. Instead of building a house in a city that you don't like, use it to ban your freedom. It's better to wander! Being brave to go home is not in the distance of any miss, and the family is at your feet. Putting down the reliance on the past, the yearning for the future, choose to flow freely. Going to a place, looking at the scenery of a place, seeing someone who needs help, will help him not have to leave a room in a city. One day, that room will be a descendant, they should know like these Things should be obtained by themselves. Instead of inheriting, sit and enjoy. We don't have to leave anything material for future generations. Life is like this. Only when they are forced can they realize and progress. Instead of standing still, don't be afraid of anything unknown. Life should be safe.
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