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Time flies, I haven'
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PostPosted: Thu May 16, 2019 3:45 am    Post subject: Time flies, I haven' Reply with quote

Time flies, I haven't had time to liquidate the scar on the moss in front of the door. In a flash, I am waiting for you for ten years. The sun sets, the candle shadows are deep, the neon lights sing in the clear, my heart, and your �� �� �� moonlight. I don't know if the hour hand has passed through a few spring and autumn. I don't remember how many mourning words are written. I dare not say that I can follow you to the white head of the years. I am quietly in the air. I am just the three-line rhythm that you used to write youth. From elementary school to junior high school to high school and then to college Newport 100S, your songs are like water, and you are warming up one youth moment you are unknown. Luzhou moonlight, fireworks and rain, a glimpse of Qingsi life treasure collection, in the end is me, indulge in a page you wrote down, I am afraid this life Newport Cigarettes Coupons, red hair sleeves, paper grinding, completely difficult to receive a red rain pouring wet last night The Xiuyuan West Window has damaged the banana temple in the Qingyang Palace. Just like a sentimental singer, sing a beautiful eye and circulate in the heart, it will moisten the astounding eyes of thousands of people. The ten-mile red makeup mirror is cool, and there is no need to cross the corridor. The initial installation in the dream has changed the appearance of the time, and now the elegant and popular can also toast a total reward. The blurred ferry, remembering shame, even if it is parting sentimental, how can it be easy to say that the breakup is broken. Keeping a meter of sunshine, alone, for the lost singer, the end of the year is silent, but the days are traces. The rain and frost leaves, shaking off in the past, but never made a bang. The days are still passing, the time has never stopped, from the custom to the fog-seeking revelation, from Socrata no bottom to sleepwalking, from the tea to go to today's Youth Evening News I have a collection. Clouds cover autumn geese, cover ten moonlights, you push open the window, not only illuminate the journey, but also sprinkle a fireworks with Xu style in the world. I don��t hate to lock my heart and hurt my heart. Pillows are chilly, cruel candlesticks, people are awkward, no matter whether the heart is still ulcerating, no matter how long you have to stay in life, free and comfortable, and join the world as usual, there will be someone along the way Cigarettes Online, the smoke wave spreads on the river, pouring alcohol The heart is in a hurry, the finger is just a wave, the more beautiful things, the faster it disappears. The beauty of flowers is not always open, and the beauty of good scenery is not always there. Youth is beautiful, but I haven��t had time to let myself bloom. I know that you have arrived and lived for a long time. Life is short, more or less in our hearts, and there are some beautiful regrets. This year, you thirty, I am twenty, the same character, the same habit, but have different youth. You are free and easy in your music, I sing low in my words. Not for apricot flower rain, but for a river spring. Maybe it��s not just you who are jealous in the world, but me who can��t find heaven. The ideal is not the old dream red dust, although the East Bottle Western mirror is good, but it is not the gloom of a lifetime. The woodcarvings are golden, and the years are awkward. In the year when you have a dream break, I also have a winged butterfly that can't find flowers on a certain day. I can never see the fade of your talent. Like the April that has passed away, the elegant and the popular are rewarded, and the pen is easy to sing, leaving the first extraordinary in this year Cigarettes For Sale. Wandering in the wind, silky, rainy flowers are also cool. Intermittently and uninterrupted, but can not help but wet the new installation of the lakeside travelers. The end of the thick ink can not open, awakened the secular gradual awakening of the vulgar now in May, the ruin of life, the life of the world, the rivers and lakes, just ten rounds, a light touch, but a reincarnation How can you paint your full-fledged practice? May's flower sea, May's Chaoyang, May's ambiguity, May's sentimental. All for you to sing together, intoxicated, and I also carefully recollect these Marlboro Red, rely on the collection, cherish, care for your fingertips It is my book of years
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