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Buying The Game | What Do I Do?

Always remember, we are here to help, if you have any problems at all or just don't know what to do, don't worry, just email us at and we will be happy to help in any way we can.

From your own computer
This is the easiest way to buy the game, most of the process is automated and you can be playing the full version in a couple of minutes.

  1. Download the demo from our site or any of the popular mirrors and then buy the full version license from Moonpod.
  2. Install the game on the computer you intend to play on, it will now be playable in demo mode.
  3. Start the game and it will remind you it is in demo mode and give you the chance to register. Make sure you have an active Internet connection, from the first menu screen go to the register page and select ‘register now’.
  4. You will then be taken to member login at Moonpod, type in the email address used to register the game and your customer password (can be found in the original email).
  5. Once logged in you will be taken to the customer panel, here you can request a ‘response’ code.
  6. The game’s unique computer identifying ‘challenge’ code will be automatically entered for you, just click submit and the ‘response’ code will be immediately emailed to you. (If it doesn’t appear just type it in manually or copy it from the clipboard).
  7. Open the email and copy the code to the clipboard, then go back to the in game ‘Starscape’ registration page and paste it in. (Or just type it in manually). If it hasn't automatically, then hit unlock and the game should now be running in ‘full version’ mode. Enjoy!

I don’t want to bother with registering
In this case why not order a copy of the game on CD-ROM, there is a slight additional charge to cover postage and packing. The CD-ROM version of the game is locked to the CD itself so there is no need to register your computer or request a ‘response’ code. Plus you get a lovely looking CD and the piece of mind of knowing you always have a hard copy of the game.

I don’t have a permanent Internet connection
Get hold of the demo and install it on the computer you intend to play the game on. Run the game, it will be in demo mode, go to the registration page and note down the ‘challenge’ code. Now you need to get on the Internet and buy the game, you can do this at a friend’s house if they have a connection, or at school/ university/ work or even at an Internet café.

Once on the net go to our web site and buy the game, you will need a credit card or switch card or PayPal account. You will then be emailed your customer password, it is important that you keep this safe. You can now log into the member area of the site, type in your ‘challenge’ code and you will be emailed a ‘response’ code. You can then go back home and unlock the game using this response code.

If you have used a temporary email account at a friend’s house or Internet café, don’t worry, you can change your email address at any time in the future. You just need to remember the customer password and the original email address you used, with this information you can log into the members area and change your details. So if in the future you change computer you can re-register the game and keep on playing even though your email address has changed.


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Starscape Manual
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