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How to Play | Getting Started

Once the software is running you will be able to start a new game from the first menu screen, add a player name and leave the difficulty mode at its default of normal for now. If you want a quick blast just try instant action, if you want to get straight into the game then skip the intro, but it is always best to play the intro at least once, as well as explaining the controls the intro also introduces elements of the plot. When the new game starts you will be shown the main game intro animation, you can skip this at any time by pressing space but again it is worth watching at least once so you know what is going on.

The game revolves around exploring your surroundings from the base station, the Aegis. Once the tutorial has finished (or if you skipped it) go straight to the grid map. Here you can navigate from one node to another, eventually you will start to see red and orange target markers, these are the enemy. The grid map has two levels, the grid and the hyper grid, you can only get into the hyper-grid on certain nodes, but once there you can leap frog great distances.

Enter one of the nodes on the grid map to start the action, once the Aegis has jumped into the node you will be able to take out your default fighter. You can leave the node at any time once the Aegis' jump engine has recharged. If there are no enemies nearby use your main gun (Q default) to break up the rocks, which often contain rare elements you can use to make equipment or repair your ship. If you see any then use your gravity beam (E default) to pull them into your cargo hold. Once you have a full load return to the Aegis and drop them off.

Before long the enemy will locate your position and attack, if they destroy the Aegis your game is over so never let them near it. You can dock with the Aegis by pressing the call button (R default), or double tap it to make the Aegis move to your position at the time the call was made.

Mine the nodes, kill the enemy, follow the plot, explore the grid and recover your crew. If you keep improving your ships and the Aegis you can keep one step ahead of the enemy. Can you escape the grid?


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