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 Starscape Manual

Support | Tested Systems

Starscape has been tested with the following hardware, although we can’t guarantee the game will work on all configurations we have done our utmost to ensure compatibility on a wide range of hardware.

  • Windows 95 with OpenGL add on or Windows95 OSR2
  • Windows 98, Windows ME, WindowsNT4, Windows2000, Win XP
  • IBM PC compatible processor - Intel Pentium II 300Mhz or equivalent AMD or better
  • 64Mb or more system memory
  • Supported 3D Accelerator Card (16Mb minimum)
  • 100 MB Free hard disk space
  • SoundBlaster or DirectSound compatible sound card

Starscape supports Direct3D compatible cards with the following chipsets:

  • Voodoo 3,4,5,6
  • Rage 128, Rage 128 Pro, Rage MAXX, Radeon series
  • Matrox G400, Parhelia
  • Nvidia Riva TNT, TNT2 (all variations), GeForce, Quadro, GeForce2, GeForce3, GeForce4, GeForceFX
  • S3 Savage 3D, Savage S4, Savage2000
  • Power VR Kyro1, Kyro2
  • SiS 305 or better
  • Trident Blade XP or better


  • The golden rule: If you can’t get the free demo to run then don’t buy the game.
  • Starscape is not compatible with the following video chipsets - 3DFX Voodoo 1, 3DFX Voodoo 2, 3DFX Voodoo Rush, 3DFX Velocity 100.
  • Users are advised to refrain from minimising the game using ALT/TAB or any other key combination. If access to the Windows desktop is needed we recommend that the game be quit first. If any sound or video problems are encountered, we recommend updating to the latest sound or video. To check which video drivers are currently being used, run DXDIAG (this can be done by selecting the ‘Run’ option on the START menu and typing 'DXDIAG') and select the ‘Display’ tab. This will list the device name and driver version.
  • If problems are encountered when running the game, users are advised to close down all other programs that may be running. Doing this will ensure that Starscape is able to use the maximum system resources available. To check which other programs are open, press the CONTROL, ALT and DELETE keys at the same time. This will bring up a menu titled ‘Close Program’. This menu lists all the programs currently running, a completely clean system should only have Explorer and Systray listed on this screen. N.B. If you are unsure what the programs currently running are, do not close them unless you are having problems running the game (with either game stability or speed).
  • The game may run on modern laptops with hardware accelerated graphics cards, check your machine specification and try the demo first.

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