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Starscape is all about customising space ships and fighting epic battles, the default ship known as the Runabout is pretty useless. Your customised ships should be prized and can be uniquely individually named. Along with other information your best five custom ships are recorded in your progress screen, when you save they also get added to the permanent hall of fame records.

In the normal game mode you can save and load whenever you like, if one of these custom ships gets destroyed you can just reload. In hard mode you must really cherish your custom fighters, after all, you made them. Although you can still save whenever you like, if you lose a custom ship all your saves are updated to reflect this. When they are gone, they are gone for good. This is the game mode that separates the men from the boys.

To reflect the importance of custom ships the webScore system also records which mode the game is being played in, how many saves you have used and how many custom ships have been made. True gaming guru’s will play in hard mode, use few saves and cherish only a handful of battle worn veteran fighters.


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Starscape Manual
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