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What use is a fighter without weapons? Most weapons have to be fitted to specific pods on the hull; for example, lasers need a pod on the front facing leading edge of the hull. For extra control the weapons can be independently assigned to one of two weapon groups. Each weapon group is activated by either fire1 (Q default) or fire2 (W default). Missiles and bombs are automatically put in weapon group2 and lasers and blasters in weapon group1. From the ship construction screen you can modify a fitted weapon to go into whatever weapon group you like.

Some weapons need large amounts of power to fire (lasers) and others need little but use up ammo quickly (rockets). Therefore it is a good idea to put lasers in one group so they can be fired frequently but perhaps only when not moving. Conversely rockets benefit from being in their own group as they can be fired even when all power is being used elsewhere but their limited ammunition might mean extra care would be needed in selecting only important targets.

starting weapon inf. ammo Small weak projectiles fired in large numbers. Can be charged up to release a powerful blast.

starting weapon fixed ammo Initially just dumb rockets but can be upgraded to fully heat seeking missiles then plasma torpedos.

zone 2 inf. ammo More powerful than blasters and with the ability to bounce off targets.

zone 3 inf. ammo One or two can be added to a hull, robot weapon sentinels for added firepower.

zone 4 fixed ammo Very limited ammo but can release an enormous target-seeking wave of energy. Very useful in emergencies.

zone 5 inf. ammo The ultimate weapon, but draws excessive quantities of power. Can be charged up to release a frightening electrical discharge.

Weapons using ammunition can have the ammo quantity extended by using extra ammunition pods. What might initially be seen as an occasional use secondary weapon could become a primary piece of hardware if extra ammunition is fitted.

Increases capacity of rockets, heat seekers or plasma missiles. Multiple ammo packs can be added to increase capacity even further.
Increases capacity of nova bombs, add multiple ammo packs to increase capacity.

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