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Warning! Advanced play guide (**spoiler**)
Don’t read on unless you are stuck, this section contains many spoilers for the game and explains just about everything in detail. Resist!

Try to get three ships in the Aegis hangar as soon as possible, don’t play for extended periods without resources for repairs, but take every opportunity to build all three. Instead of spending money repairing your ships, use each one in turn until the in game damage alarm begins to sound. At that point return to the Aegis and take a fresh one out, when they are all looking fairly beat up look for the nearest friendly alien node. If there is a Xenarch outpost close by pay it a visit, enemy units will not follow you in and you can repair your ships one after the other (and the Aegis) by just moving in close to the station. It is an excellent way of saving resources for research and construction.

Never risk a damaged ship in a node containing major enemy units; ships like the minelayer can cause a lot of damage. As they are much more massive than other enemy units they show up on your radar as a very bright red blip. With a ship at full health you will nearly always have enough time to get back to the Aegis if things go wrong. If your ship is already damaged before you start fighting you will have little chance should things turn bad.

Don’t be tempted to over extend yourself by trying to research the best equipment and hulls straight away. You will just run out of resources constantly repairing the Aegis and the runabout. There are five zones in the game so balance your upgrades evenly as the game progresses and opportunity presents itself.

As well as balancing your own advancement you should make sure each ship is balanced to its hull. More powerful equipment tends to be more massive and consume more power. Don’t be tempted to fit powerful items into the small Runabout hull, conversely there is no point spending resources on a Devastator and filling it with level 1 equipment. Your ships should always have responsive engines to maintain your manoeuvrability and ample power so you can always fire your weapons.


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