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When you make any new equipment it is temporarily placed in stores, even hulls are kept here when not in use. From the stores screen you can see all the available equipment and if you want you can recycle it back into raw resources. As well as making equipment you can also pick it up in game, some of the larger capitol ships drop equipment pods. Even if you don’t need it you can pick it up and then recycle it back into raw resources.

From the ship selection screen you can dismantle a ship and put it back into stores with one click. If you don’t need the ship anymore you can also recycle the entire thing into raw resources with a single click. Within the ship construction screen you have control over individual items. You can add items from stores, be aware though that only suitable items are shown, i.e. if one engine is fitted you wont see any others to add, you have to remove it from the hull first. You can also modify items of equipment fitted to a hull, either recycling them into raw resources, putting them back into storage or if they are weapons you can change the weapon's group.

If you are in trouble and need resources quickly consider recycling some older or unnecessary items. There is however a small reduction in the resource value due to the conversion process. Don’t forget to pull in any equipment pods dropped by exploding enemies; if nothing else they are another source of raw materials.


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