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The gravity beam is an essential item for recovering resources when in open space. When activated larger asteroids will be slowed and small resources or items will be sucked into the ship. The more advanced version uses stabilising magnetic fields to protect the fragile resources as they are absorbed.

Only one gravity beam can be fitted to each hull.

Shields are an extremely important addition to any ship, they can be found within the first zone. Like batteries they use spare generator power to charge up, impacts are then absorbed within the shield up to a certain amount. Excess damage falls through the shield and will damage the ship as normal.

Only one shield can be fitted to each hull.

Besides the player’s ships the space station itself can also be enhanced, this is very important, as initially the Aegis is unarmed and very vulnerable. The Aegis has four small corner turrets and large central cannon, all of which can be upgraded.

The corner turrets send out a stream of small projectiles.
The main cannon takes time to charge but releases an extremely powerful laser blast.

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